A YOUNG couple who took their smoke alarms down to redecorate escaped a fire at their home caused by a candle left burning.

The couple, who live in Victoria Street, Oswaldtwistle, went to bed on Boxing Day night but the man heard a crackling sound at around 5am yesterday ((FRI)), a fire service spokesman said.

The candle had set fire to their Christmas decorations.

The spokesman added: “He went down to investigate and found the fire.

“They were lucky and it could have been a worse outcome.”

The couple tackled the fire themselves with a bucket of water.

The spokesman said: “We advise against people tackling the fire themselves, but in this case it did save his front room.

“The damage was quite bad, but it could have been worse. It was confined to one room.”

Firefighters from Hyndburn station, who were wearing breathing apparatus, tackled the blaze, which the couple’s three cats also escaped from.

Assistant watch manager Alex Fletcher said: “This incident shows the importance of having a working smoke detector at all times, and the dangers of unattended candles during the Christmas period.

“If you are in any doubt, please contact your local fire station for advice.”