PEACOCKS roaming free in an Accrington neighbourhood are ruffling feathers.

The birds have been keeping residents awake at night, and have been spotted popping to fast food restaurants for their dinner.

The issue is being investigated by Hyndburn Council, which will call in wildlife experts after it received complaints from residents.

Joan Pilkington, 78, said there were four peacocks which she has described as ‘horrendous’ during the mating season in the summer.

The Princess Street resident said: “Me and my next door neighbour have been trying for 12 months to get something done about these peacocks.

“They perch on our chimney opposite our bedroom window and are squawking constantly from 9pm to 11pm at night and then from daybreak.

“It’s the most horrendous noise I have ever heard. I don’t want to come home in the summer months.”

The peacocks are kept alongside geese on spare land between Princess Street and Hyndburn Road, although it isn’t known who is responsible for them.

A man at a bunglalow on land adjacent to the field said the land was not connected to the house.

He said: “Everybody thinks it’s the same land - the council and the police.

“It used to be connected to this property, but the owners sold it to somebody in Clement Street.”

Ann Holden lives in Monk Street, and her property backs onto the spare land.

The 58-year-old said: “In the summer, they do make a lot of noise because they’re mating, and they squawk and scream.

“They jump on my roof, but they are fine and it’s no trouble whatsoever.”

Samantha Wood, 26, said: “The peacocks go to KFC to get food and they stop traffic in Hyndburn Road.

“But they are fine and it stops traffic going too fast. They are lovely creatures and don’t attack.”

Deputy leader of Hyndburn Council, Coun Clare Pritchard confirmed the council was investigating ‘what can be done to prevent the birds causing a problem’.

She said: “I have never had a complaint until the last couple of weeks. We don’t know who is responsible.“ “When I have been to KFC, I have seen them on the car park. They eat chicken.”

The owner of Princess Street Garage, Christopher Holt, said he had seen three peacocks ‘roaming about’.

A spokesman for Lancashire Wildlife Trust added: “We would certainly not recommend people to have peacocks roaming the street. If they are, they are not being cared for.”