EAST Lancashire Hospice are tickled pink after a Corporation Park grandma came up with a colourful idea to raise funds for the care home. Seventy-seven-year-old Brenda Callister, of Albany Road, raised £150 by asking family and friends to make a donation for her dying her hair a vivid pink colour. She made an entrance at her sequence dancing group at St Paul’s Church, Audley to show off her new cerise cut for their regular Friday night gathering.

Brenda said: “It was a little challenge for me. I recently met an old friend and she had her hair pink and blue and I thought ‘I want that!’ “The hospice is close to my heart as my brother Ken was there for a month before passing away in May this year and my second husband needed it too. “They were wonderful with him.”

Brenda has been raising money for the hospice since July and has organised a range of different events to help her reach her target of £1,000. Brenda’s 23 year-old granddaughter Jenny Ainsworth, said: “I am so proud of my gran.

“Every year she dedicates her time and effort to raising money for East Lancs Hospice and she does a great job and I think she looks fab with pink hair.”