THE WALVERDEN area of Nelson has the best of both worlds, bordering the town centre, yet with stunning views of Pendle Hill thrown in.

Walverden’s raised position to the south of Nelson town centre means many residents have beautiful countryside views unobstructed by suburban Nelson.

It is why the area is considered an ideal home for many Nelson families, with the smallest ward in the town having more educational facilities than any other.

Julie Henderson, a Walverden ward councillor who has lived in the area for most of her life, said: “You can be walking along the terraced streets of Walverden and within a couple of corners, you can find yourself out in the countryside, or with a beautiful view of Pendle Hill.

“We definitely have the best of both worlds here.”

The ward has Marsden Heights Community College, Marsden Community Primary School, St John’s Southworth Primary School, and will soon have a new St Paul’s Primary School, which is being built on the site of the former Edge End High School.

“There are a lot of families in the ward,” said Coun Henderson. “It’s very much a family area which is why we have so many schools.

“The new St Paul’s is going to be fantastic, and they will have great views of Pendle Hill, and there is also a new sports pavilion being built on that site.

“It is quite an ethnically diverse area. We have an Asian and Eastern European population, but it feels like one community.

“The children all mix at school and I have never experienced or heard of any problems between the different groups.”

Adding to that sense of community are facilities such as St Paul’s Church and the Methodist Church, the Railway Street Community Centre and the crown green bowling club in Thomas Street.