A YOB who brought terror to a vet’s car park when a road rage row spilled into the street has walked free from court.

William Wright, 38, and another man were said to have waved weapons at each other and issued threats during the trouble in Accrington town centre last October.

The veterinary surgeon, who saw the melee, told police Wright ‘looked really wild’, Burnley Crown Court was told.

Wright was spared jail because he put the weapons — two metal bars — down and owned up, and a judge said he would give him one more chance.

The defendant, of Regent Road, Church, had admitted affray, last October 5.

He was given 12 months in prison, suspended for a year, with supervision. A jury had earlier cleared the other man of any wrong-doing.

Sarah Statham, prosecuting, said at about 4pm, the defendant was driving, pulled up abruptly to talk to someone and the man behind was forced to brake. The two men then appeared to have had an altercation.

Both men ‘took up their weapons’ from their cars.

The defendant had two metal bars, which appeared to have been part of a car jack, while the other man produced a hammer. Words were exchanged and, at some stage, the men shook hands. Before doing that, Wright threw his weapons on the ground.

Miss Statham said two women who witnessed the confrontation were so upset they had to go into the surgery.

Police arrived, the metal bars were still there and the defendant was arrested. He had seven offences on his record, some of which were violence, the court heard.

Philip Holden, for Wright, said he had not been in trouble since.

He had complied with probation orders in the past, was now drug-free and went to his parents'’ home every day to assist them.

Sentencing, Recorder Mark Ainsworth said the incident was a terrifying experience for those who saw it and told Wright his conduct had been completely unacceptable.

But, he added, Wright had stayed out of trouble.

The judge said: “That gives me some hope for the future. I have appreciation of your circumstances, health and personal circumstances and it is sufficient to give you one more chance."