BOROUGH regeneration boss Maureen Bateson checks on the demolition of Blackburn’s old market buildings as the stage is set for the latest stage of the redevelopment of the town centre.

Work started two weeks ago on knocking down the three-day sales hall, and now she can see the cleared site on which a temporary bus station will rise in August. Demolition of the remainder of the former market premises will then start, preparing the way for building a new £5million bus station in October.

Once that is completed, work on the £28million Cathedral Quarter will start, and the existing Boulevard bus station will shut.

Coun Bateson said: “The three day market is almost down completely and then work will start of the six day market. Once complete, work will then commence on the interim bus station. We will continue to keep the public informed on all changes to bus services. An information stall will be opened shortly in the new market adjacent to the tourist information stall.”