AN INVESTIGATION has begun into whether the speed limit should be reduced on the A556 through Northwich.

Northwich Town Council has asked police and highways officers to consider cutting the 70mph speed limit following the death of motorcyclist Sean Foden after a crash on the dual carriageway on May 7.

Speaking at the latest Northwich Town Council meeting Clr Derek Bowden said the council is waiting for a reply from Cheshire Police and Cheshire West and Chester Council (CWAC).

“Unfortunately the indication is that there isn’t enough evidence of it being dangerous for the big step of reducing a major highway speed limit,” he said.

“We should wait perhaps a month to see what the official response is and if they say there’s not enough grounds for a change, then decide whether we should become more active and contact local parish councils.”

Clr Kevin Rimmer said: “When is enough enough, as in fatalities, before something is done?

“It should not be stacked up against dead bodies.”

Former mayor Clr George Mainwaring said highways officers needed to consider a number of factors before making any decisions.

“When I used to be on county highways there was a set procedure,” he said.

“Every accident is recorded and they won’t respond immediately.

“They have to take all conditions into account but where there’s accidents on a certain stretch of road it’s an ongoing process to build up the evidence.”

Northwich Town Council agreed to wait for the official response before deciding whether to start an official campaign.

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