PROFITS from a Burnley rock band’s new single are set to be donated to a children’s hospice charity.

And their altruistic gesture by Exit State, in aid of Children’s Hospice Arts (chART), is set to be supported by fellow rock stars.

Bumblefoot, of Guns N Roses, and Wayne Findlay, of the Michael Schenker Group, have recorded endorsements for the track Crystalline.

Earlier this year the outfit agreed to be patrons of chART, which helps youngsters with life-limiting conditions through the arts.

Band frontman Roy Bright, from Burnley, said Exit State was ‘hugely proud’ to have been invited to be the charity’s patrons.

He added: “In order to repay that honour in at least some small way the band wanted to do something special and the proceeds of the Crystalline bundle are to be donated to the charity to help the incredible work being done to assist through the arts children and young adults that have life-limiting conditions.

“We’re also delighted that fellow musicians like Bumblefoot and Wayne Findlay have added their support for this release.”

The charity release is ahead of the third Exit State album Let’s See It All which is expected on June 24.

Currently the band, which also includes drummer Peat Hicks, bassist Phil Ireland, and lead guitarist Matt Harris, is on tour and will play Preston’s Roper Hall on Friday, before dates in Oswestry, Nottingham and Dudley. Last year the boys supported the Movember testicular cancer appeal for bassist Phil Ireland, who had his own battle with the condition and was recuperating at the time.