A ‘BOUNDARY-breaking’ photography student has exhibited a collection of Christianity-influenced images in a London church.

Josh Worthington, a 21-year-old in his final year of a degree Blackburn University Centre, organised, funded, and built the props for his show Revelation as part of his course.

The exhibition, initially planned to be held at St John’s church in Notting Hill during the first week in April, has had such a good reception, parish bosses have offered him the space for the rest of the month.

Mr Worthington said he could not believe his luck, given the potentially controversial material.

He said: “I chose the Book of Revelations from the Bible to base my work on.

“It’s not a very popular book for Christians because it shows God in an unpleasant light, which fascinated me. I’m not religious, but I find the iconography very enigmatic, and our brief was to play with metaphors, and it seemed the perfect topic.”

Finding most photography exhibitions boring in their delivery, Mr Worthington decided to make the experience more visceral.

He said: “I supplied only red wine on the opening night, because of its role in Catholicism.

“I built big crosses, and hung the picture frames off chains.

“I want to involve people much more than just staring at a bunch of photos, and give it a bit more atmosphere.”

The University Centre allowed Mr Worthington to move to Central London last year, and continue to converse with tutors via Skype and submit his projects remotely, after he saw more opportunities there.

Richard Peregrine, leader of the Photographic Media degree at Blackburn University Centre, said: “Josh is always trying to break the boundaries of photography.

“He’s a very individual student, and is rather more creative in his ways than many. He does much more arts based work than commercial photography.

“We encourage all our students to get out there and use wherever they can make work as a space.

“There’s no point keeping photographs shut up on a laptop where nobody can see them, you have to get out there and show people what you’re doing.”