A YOB who made residents’ lives a misery has been banned from entering part of Breightmet.

Prolific nuisance Terence Howarth, aged 25, can now be arrested if he breaches a court injunction banning him from entering Dovedale Road and the surrounding area.

The injunction follows allegations that Howarth used violence and threatened residents living in flats in Dovedale Road.

It is alleged that on one occasion Howarth carried out a violent attack in the block of flats.

Housing officials from Bolton at Home, backed by the police, asked for the injunction in a bid to stop his anti-social behaviour.

Howarth has previously been in jail for various offences and most recently was sentenced for stealing a handbag from the bar of the Star and Garter pub in Bolton town centre on October 26 last year.

He was given a 12-month conditional discharge for the theft in February.

Tess Ash, assistant director for neighbourhood safety at Bolton at Home, said: “We’re very determined to tackle anti-social and criminal behaviour and we’ll take action against perpetrators to protect the local community.

“This individual was causing a nuisance and fear to residents by kicking the communal doors at the flats, forcing his way into the block and breaking down his mother’s front door.” She said his behaviour included threats to residents that he would bring his friends back to “sort them out”.

Howarth will also be arrested if he uses or threatens violence or engages in conduct that could be a nuisance to anyone in the area.