BLACKBURN Rovers fan Andrew Higginson has battled back from the brink and fought off cancer - and now he hopes to conquer the London Marathon.

Six years ago Andrew started coughing up blood, and was devastated when doctors told him he had testicular cancer at the age of just 24.

The Bolton Road resident, now 30, said: “It started in my testicles but spread to my left lung. The doctors said it was very serious and my quality of life was in danger of changing forever.

“I had to have constant chemotherapy for about six months and ended up having to have my lung surgically removed.

“I just always tried to look to the future and hoped it wouldn’t last forever.

“I never got down about it and actually looked upon cancer as a challenge. The chemotherapy is like a run - you just have to keep going against the assault on your body and keep mentally strong.”

Following a steady recovery Andrew, who works as a mentor at Beacon Reach children’s home in Ribchester, wanted to set his body a series of challenges, leading up to the marathon on April 21.

He said: “Once you’ve had your body go through something so brutal you’re willing to push it a lot more because you appreciate it.

“I’ve done the Bath Half Marathon and the Great North Run and wanted to do a full marathon.

“The training has gone really well and I’m running up to 16 miles at the moment. I feel pretty pumped up for it.”

He is aiming to raise £2,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support, with donations so far totalling £1,200.

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