TWO women have been the victims of violent street robberies on the same street in the space of four days.

Police are linking the two attacks, in which teenage suspects attempted to snatch women’s bags in Rylands Road, Duke Bar, Burnley.

On one occasion a victim’s handbag was grabbed with such force she fell into the road and broke her glasses.

The most recent offence happened at 5.10pm on Sunday.

Two men tried to snatch a bag from a 53-year-old who was walking with a friend.

The women were walking towards Briercliffe Road and had just walked past two men who were sat on some wooden railings when they heard footsteps behind them.

One of the men grabbed the victim’s handbag which she was carrying in the crease of her right arm. Despite several attempts, he failed to snatch it and both men ran off down St Andrews Street.

The man who tried to take the bag is described as Asian with dark skin, aged 17 to 18, about 5ft 8ins to 5ft 10ins tall and slim. He was wearing a black hooded top and dark coloured bottoms The second man is also described as Asian with dark skin, about 17 to 18 years old, slim, wearing a dark hooded top and dark bottoms.

Police are also investigating a similar offence which happened at 5.40pm on Wednesday, February 20, when a 22-year-old woman was walking alone in the same place with her bag on her left shoulder. She felt her handbag being pulled from behind and was then pushed on her shoulder and fell over.

Her black leather River Island bag and contents were stolen by the offender who ran off down St Andrews Street with another man.

The man who stole the handbag was wearing a black waist-length jacket, a black beanie hat and black tracksuit pants. The second man also wore dark clothes.

DC Ian McLean from Pennine CID said: “These are serious offences and in the latest incident the offender has grabbed at the victim’s handbag with such force that she was pulled into the road.”

Anyone with information is call DC McLean on 01282 472142.