A MAN was knocked unconscious by an electric shock while working at a packaging firm.

Emergency services were called to Excelsior Technologies Ltd, Churchill Way, Lomeshaye Industrial Estate, Nelson, at around 6.30am yesterday.

Fire officers said they believed the man, who later regained consciousness after being taken to hospital, had come into contact with a live electricity cabley.

A police spokesman said: “The man was taken to Burnley General Hospital for a check-up. He lost consciousness initially but regained it.

“There will have to be a health and safety investigation.”

Watch manager Gary Ibbitson said: “We were sent because we thought the machine might have been on fire.

“The company makes a lot of air products and labelling machines.

“The worker was undoing a plastic pipe, but the cable was live underneath and he must have brushed his hand across it.

“It knocked him back and he was unconscious.

“He got a fair wallop from the electricity.”