A DRUG addict who crashed a Porsche into a parked car, before smashing into a tree, as he tried to steal it has been jailed.

Simon Andrew Moore, 45, was told to steal the luxury car to “write off” a debt after being handed the key stolen earlier in a raid on the owner’s house.

But as he moved it a few feet, Moore crashed into a Ford Fiesta, which the owner had used to block the Porsche in, causing £8,300 damage, Burnley magistrates heard.

Moore, who has a record for burglary and was subject to a suspended jail term, was caught soon after the ‘futile’ car theft after a police officer called to inv-estigate saw him discard the key.

Moore, who has a long-standing amphetamine habit, had admitted possessing the drug, and aggravated vehicle taking, last November 14.

Moore, of Waterbarn Street, Burnley, was jailed for 34 weeks and banned from driving for a year, by District Judge Nicholas Sanders.

Andrew Robinson, prosecuting, said last October, Moore was sentenced to 16 weeks in prison, suspended for 12 months, for burglary.

The Porsche was never actually moved off the victim’s Burnley driveway. The house was burgled twice on consecutive days and the Porsche key taken overnight on November 10/11. Moore was not involved in the raids.

A loud bang, and an engine revving was heard, and a man was seen walking away.

Richard Taylor, defending, said Moore had tried to address his addiction.

Moore, who had run up a drugs debt, was given the key and told the debt would be written off if he took the vehicle.

The solicitor said: “The aggrieved, knowing the key was missing, parked the Fiesta in such a way as to make sure the Porsche couldn’t be moved.

“The defendant made some effort, but realised it was futile. He only drove a few feet, but the problem is the damage he caused to the vehicles.”