A MUM has blasted lazy dog owners after her disabled daughter's walking frame keeps getting covered in dog mess.

Three-year-old Georgia Hill suffers from a mobility condition which doctors have been unable to diagnose and needs a frame and leg braces to walk.

Her mum, Keilli Broome, 28, a nursery nurse, said that there is so much dog dirt in the street that Georgia cannot avoid stepping into it.

She said:“Georgia started walking after getting her frame a year ago. She loves being independent and being able to walk to the park like other children her age but the dog dirt is really ruining it for her. It’s like playing dodgems avoiding the piles that have been left everywhere.”

Now a county councillor has collected 500 signatures from residents calling on the council to tackle the owners responsible.

A dog bin has been installed in Vicarage Road, Nelson, but Keilli says that it is being ignored.

Keilli said as she lives up a lane which isn’t accessible by car. Georgia has to walk up the lane to get to her house.

She and her partner Chris Hill, 27, have complained to Pendle Council about the problems.

Keilli said: “Georgia is unable to walk independently and needs leg braces and special shoes and a walking frame.

“The road is covered in dog dirt. It is disgusting and it makes life very difficult. Everyday there is at least three or four new piles just in the area around our house.

"We have to park at the bottom of the road as there is no car access and if it is dark then it’s difficult to see and Georgia often steps into it covering her leg braces, shoes and the frame.

“We then have to clean it all off which gets her frustrated as she doesn’t like us messing with her leg braces and shoes.

“Because of her mobility problems she has to have regular physiotherapy and we have been encourage to let her walk as much as she can but how can we when the streets are so full of dog dirt.

“It has been a problem since we moved here three years ago. We told Pendle Council and a dog bin was put up, for a while that seemed to help but now the problem has come back just as badly as it was before.

“It’s not just a problem for us but there are a lot of elderly people in the area and children who play out who’s health could be put at risk because of it.

“We just want people to clean up after their dogs.”

County Councillor George Adams, who set up the petition, said: “Dog fouling is a huge problem especially in the Walverden ward but also throughout Pendle. It is an issue that has been brought up many times at Nelson committee meetings but yet nothing has been done to resolve it.

“It is something that I feel particularly strong about as a dog lover myself. I set up a petition calling on the council to do more to prevent dog excrement and litter from the street for the health and well-being of the people in Nelson.

“There is currently only one dog warden for the whole of Pendle which just isn’t enough.”

Coun John David, who is responsible for environmental services, said: “Ms Broome is totally justified in being fed up with this situation and so are we.

"It’s shocking that some dog owners still think it’s acceptable to just leave their pets’ waste on the street. It’s not only unsightly and inconvenient but poses a very real health risk to children."

Coun David said environmental crime officers will patrol the area and anyone caught flouting the law would be hit with a £75 fine. He also reminded dog owners they can put their bagged dog waste in any litter bin in Pendle, not just dog waste bins.