AN arts centre is seeking performers to help entertain crowds at a festival.

The Civic Arts Centre, in Union Road, Oswaldtwistle, is looking for both practiced actors, and absolute beginners, to perform during the Weather or Not festival.

A group of writers at the centre have written new poems and sketches to be used in workshops on the day. The centre now needs actors to perform in them.

The festival will take place over the Easter fortnight, but the performers will be taking part in sketches during the umbrella parade on Saturday, March 30. The festival will take place at various locations around Oswaldtwistle.

Centre director Gayle Knight said: “We are looking for experienced and ‘never done anything like this before’ actors and actresses.

“Age is no barrier either, although we are not looking for young people on this project which is why rehearsals will be during the day.”

The next rehearsal is on Monday, February 25, at 10.30am. Just turn up at the centre. For more details, ring 07767 383435.