A PRIMARY school is asking parents to park further away after complaints from residents.

In a newsletter to parents of children at St Barnabas’ CoE Primary School, in Knowlesley Road, Darwen, the headteacher said people had complained about cars parked near their homes.

Alison Howarth said residents in Knowlesley Meadows, Kirkdale Close and Knowlesley Road had been affected.

She said: “Residents are rightly aggrieved that their roads are being used as car parks and that they cannot get to their homes.

“None of the roads in the vicinity of the school are wide enough to allow cars to turn around in them without endangering the lives of our children as they are doing so.

“Please consider how you would feel if this continually happened in your road or how you would feel if you knocked over and injured a child.

“Perhaps the best place to leave cars would be on Bolton Road or Cemetery Road, where the roads are wider, then walk the remainder of the distance to school.

“Or better still, leave them at home and let’s start using legs instead of wheels.”