PLANS to install a 64.2-metre wind turbine on land near Bull Hill in Darwen have been withdrawn by the applicant.

But campaigners against the proposal for Pleasant View Farm said they were not convinced the saga was over.

And agent Dominic Cooney, from CMS UK, confirmed that a new appli- cation would be submitted in the near future.

The application, by farm owner Elizabeth Gott, was the third attempt at putting a large turbine on her land.

Originally, Mrs Gott applied for an 88.5-metre turbine – taller than India Mill chimney – in late 2011, sparking a furious reaction. That application was withdrawn in March last year, only for a revised second application for a 65-metre turbine to be resubmitted and thrown out by planners in October.

Campaigners were stunned when a third turbine application went in last month, but were cautiously celebrating after it was withdrawn once again.

Martin Vizzard, of Cranberry Fold Court and leader of the Against Cranberry Turbine (ACT) protest group said: “We are pleased the application has been withdrawn. However, we will wait to see if another application will be submitted.”

Mr Cooney, who has represented Mrs Gott since the first application went in more than a year ago, said: “The application has been withdrawn at the request of the applicant. She wants to check the supply of the wind turbine type, which looks to be changing.

“A new application for the new wind turbine type will be submitted.”

Mr Vizzard said ACT would continue to fight against any future wind turbine proposals within 500 metres of homes.

He said: “We will go on lobbying the council for a minimum separation distance of 500 metres from residential properties, not just in Darwen but across the borough.

“If this wind turbine ever gets the go-ahead it will no doubt lead to further applications in the future.

“We will be holding a public meeting in the coming weeks to get everyone’s opinions on the matter.”