A GLOBAL education company which has its headquarters in Blackburn is to provide interactive whiteboards to classrooms in Saudi Arabia.

Promethean will be providing the technology, which will also gives teachers access to the company’s learning software ActivInspire, in Arabic.

The company, which operates from Lower Philips Road, had revealed that revenue had dropped 22.9 per cent to £83.2million in the six months to June 2012.

But the tender, which was announced at the 2013 Education World Forum, now means 5,000 classrooms and 700 labs in the Arab state will be using the boards.

ActivBoards come with 78in, 87in or 95in interactive displays and are aimed at encouraging student participation.

According to the company’s website, prices start at £1,049.

Eugene Viskovic, the company’s president of international markets, said that thousands of education resources in Arabic would now be available to teachers so that they could create lessons to improve student engagement and boost learning productivity.

He said: “We are pleased to work with the ministry of education for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to create 21st century classrooms where tom-orrow’s leaders can learn skills they will need for the global economy.

“By giving teachers software that easily incorporates dynamic digital content, we improve their ability to deliver lessons that increase collaboration and motivate students.”

The project, financed with government funds, also includes hands-on training sessions with teaching and learning consultants.

In these sessions, teachers will build an understanding of how to effectively use the technology and the skills to integrate it into their classrooms to boost learning productivity.