A WOMAN who struggled to conceive while suffering from an undiagnosed condition has described the joy of her 'miracle family' after giving birth to two daughters through IVF treatment.

Sarah Fitchett, 34, who lives in Ramsbottom, said she and husband Stephen, 37, a contract engineer, were beginning to think they would remain childless until a consultation with a Manchester clinic provided them with a way forward.

Sarah was diagnosed in with polycystic ovaries, which is the most common cause of problems with producing eggs in women who are trying to become pregnant.

She was given advice, medication and fertility treatment by Manchester-based CARE Fertility before her first IVF treatment resulted in the birth of Freya in April 2010.

The Fitchett family became complete when little Megan was born nine weeks ago, weighing just 3lbs 9oz.

Sarah, who works for Bury Council, is now urging other women in similar situations to seek face to face professional help rather than rely on the internet.

She said “I was incredibly lucky that both my IVF treatments were successful but it was still very tough.

“I hate hospitals and needles so Stephen had to give me my daily jabs through the early stages of the pregnancies and it was tough.

“But looking at my beautiful little girls now it’s all forgotten. We feel so blessed.

“My advice to women in a similar situation is never give up and see as many people as possible - there is help out there.

“And don’t get bogged down in reading about infertility online. There's so much information I felt overwhelmed, leave it to the professionals.”

Sarah is in no doubt who will be the boss of her two daughters.

“Freya’s so lively, always dancing, a non stop chatterbox and likes an audience,” she said.

“My feeling is Megan going to be the more laid back of the two.”