A COUNCILLOR has hit out at council leader Kate Hollern after she said she would be looking for a new job in the future having quit her role at Blackburn College.

As reported in the Lancashire Telegraph yesterday, Coun Hollern, 57, had taken early retirement to concentrate on dealing cuts to Blackburn with Darwen Council’s budget.

Coun Hollern, who earns £22,700 as leader of the council, said: “I shall eventually be looking for another day job. I have to live.”

But Sudell councillor Paul Browne said he was angry at her comments, which he said implied £22,700 was not enough to live on. He said: “If she can’t manage on £22,700 then there is something wrong with her. I know people in Darwen who are on £12,000 a year and less for full-time jobs. Now that is struggling.

Coun Hollern was yesterday unavailable for comment.