A 63-year-old man was assaulted in the street by a neighbour almost half his age, in a dispute over damage to his car, a court was told.

Angry David Shanks, whose partner Joan Hore lived across the road from ‘cocky’ Mumtaz Ahmed, had threatened to ‘deck’ the defendant, but Ahmed had told him: “I don’t want to get involved with you, you are an old man.”

Ahmed, 34, was then said to have struck a blow to the retired victim’s face, leaving him with a sore jaw.

Burnley magistrates heard how the parties might have misunderstood each other.

Ahmed, who was not said to have damaged the vehicle, had offered to help to get repair work done cheaply, but Mr Shanks claimed he had said: “I will pay for the damage”, adding: “It’s a nice car.”

Jobless Ahmed, who is a carer for his disabled parents, admitted assault by beating, on December 28. The defendant, of Prairie Crescent, Burnley, was fined £36, with a £20 victim surcharge, £25 compensation and £25 costs.

Alex Mann, prosecuting, said Mr Shanks was at his partner’s home quite a lot and he had been trying to find out if the defendant knew who had damaged his car. There was no evidence Ahmed was involved in any damage.

The defendant made comments, which Mr Shanks perhaps took the wrong way and the victim described Ahmed as being a bit cocky. The victim told Ahmed: “If you damage my property, or Joan’s property, I will deck you.” The defendant stood in front of him and struck him in the jaw. Ahmed had been to prison for assault.

Trevor Grice, for Ahmed, said Mr Shanks began accusing him of damaging his car. What happened was regrettable. The solicitor continued: “He did over-react, pushed him away with the flat of his hand and caught him on the jaw.”