A FAMILY has been left devastated at the loss of a treasured family pet after it was hit by a car during an evening walk.

Sonia Hill and her daughter, Britney, were walking their dogs Rosie, Katie and Lulu down the quiet country lane close to their house when they heard a 4x4 approach from behind.

Rosie, a ten-year-old white bichon frisse, was off the lead and a short distance away from her owner when she was struck.

Mrs Hill said she and her daughter both had to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

The driver left the scene without stopping, leaving Mrs Hill and her daughter to carry their dead pet back home.

The incident happened on Saturday night in Nabs Head Lane, Samlesbury.

Mrs Hill, 39, who lives at the top of the lane with her husband Dennis and two children, Britney, 10, and Thomas, 14, said she had used the road to walk her dogs for years.

She said: “If we hadn’t dived into the hedge at the side of the road we could have been killed as well.

“I saw the wheels go over her and then her legs were sticking up in the air and I knew she was dead.”

Rosie had been bought as a present for Mrs Hill by her husband.

Mrs Hill said: “We got her as a puppy from Blackpool and we loved her so much.

“She had a fantastic personality and was great with the kids. One of our other dogs, Katie, cries all night now Rosie is gone. She knows something is wrong. Britney is gutted as well. She has known Rosie pretty much all of her life.”

Police were called and are investigating the incident. The vehicle was described as a silver 4x4 with spotlights.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101.