A PROTEST against the construction of a windfarm and temporary access road saw hundreds of residents march in formation through their village yesterday.

A 10 metre wide access road is being planned to allow the expansion of Coal Clough Wind Farm, near Cliviger.

But villagers fear that over an 18-week period more than 4,000 wagons movements are expected to allow the expansion.

The lorries are set to travel down the M65, through Burnley, then Red Lees Road.

Alan Pickles, chairman of Cliviger Parish Council, said: “The issue isn’t the wind farm, which people across the country are reluctantly accepted despite the blot on the lanscape they pose.

“It is the massive disruption and nuisance the access road will cause which is what is getting people’s anger up.

“We are being told it will only be temporary, but I don’t believe it will be.”

A meeting in August attended by the developers, ScottishPower: Renewables, the council’s planning officer and 130 residents saw all of the villagers vote unanimously against the plans.

Resident Dee Salmon said: “If this many have turned up on a horrible day like this it shows the determination of our community.

“Most of the roads and buildings here have been here for two centuries. They are not meant for this sort of traffic.”

Cliviger resident, Elaine Howard, 65, said: “I don’t think we need anymore roads or wind turbines.

“We may be one of the largest parishes in the borough, but we have the smallest population.”

“Cliviger is a lovely place and we want to keep it that way.”

Bill Peel, 65, resident, said: “It is going to spoil the environment and the village and we aren’t sure what benefits we as a community will get from it.

“I suspect it will be nothing but aggravation.”