PENDLE councillors are set to object to plans for the redevelopment of West Craven High School.

Lancashire County Council announced plans for an £11million redevelopment of the site, in Kelbrook Road, Barnoldswick, in October.

The work would also see a new Barnoldswick Primary School built on the site, a move which has angered local councillors who say the move would mean the loss of playing fields and increase traffic of Kelbrook Road.

And councillors could be on another collision course with the county council over the work at the high school if they follow planning officers advice and object to the work.

Helen Garnett, Pendle Council planning officer, said: “The school was built in the mid 20th century and is characterised by its relatively formal appearance which essentially comprises a number of rectangular structures of varying sizes giving it the appearance of a collection of attached buildings.

“The two front extensions would introduce further aluminium features to the building and whilst in some cases the use of aluminium is appropriate where it forms an integral part of the design of the building, in this instance the structures are so small as to likely be lost against the scale of the existing building. This would detract from the appearance and character of the building.

“Whilst the new building to the south and internal structures are considered acceptable, the two smaller extensions to the front of the building do not represent good design and therefore it is recommended that the council objects to these.”

A decision on whether to object will be taken by West Craven councillors on January 8. A final decision on the redevelopment work will be taken by members of the county council.