A SUSPECTED joy-rider torched a car after crashing it into railings near Burnley College.

Police and fire crews were called to Princess Way at 6.55am yesterday after the silver Vauxhall Astra collided with the barriers.

It is understood it had been caught speeding on several cameras around the town before the crash.

Insp Andy Carter said he driver had fled the scene after setting the vehicle alight.

He said: “The car was registered to an address in Bradford and had no insurance.

“However, it had not been registered as stolen.”

A fire crew from Burnley attended the scene and spent around 40 minutes putting out the flames.

Watch manager Neil Ashworth said it was understood joy-riders had dumped the car.

He said: “A car had crashed into the railings and was on fire.

“When we arrived, there was nobody with the vehicle.

“Police said it had appeared throughout the night on several speed cameras.

“It had crashed into the railings and they had deliberately fired it and fled the scene.

“The car was completely destroyed by the fire, but the engine was still running when we got there.”

A police investigation is now underway and anybody with any information should call 101.