A PRIMARY school was broken into while around 200 people watched the pupils perform the Christmas play.

Personal items belonging to staff and cash were taken from two classrooms at Worsthorne Primary School, in Brownside Road.

The thieves sneaked into the school between 2.15pm and 3.30pm on Thursday.

They stole £5 in cash from a wallet, which was inside a bag, from one classroom, and then £35 in cash and an iPhone from a bag, which was in a cupboard, in the next classroom.

Worsthorne councillor David Heginbotham branded the thieves as ‘pure scumbags’.

Louise Young, headteacher at Worsthorne Primary School, said: “It is upsetting that this has happened, especially when the children are a tale of peace, and somebody is taking the opportunity to steal things.

“But it hasn’t taken the shine off the day. We have had over 350 people here to watch the performances this week and we have had fantastic feedback, and it is that we are focusing on.

“The police have been informed and will investigate and they have been very helpful.”

Coun Heginbotham said: “It is upsetting for the children, the staff and the parents. Anybody who would do this are pure scumbags, it is so low.

“All the children had done a fantastic job, I went along it was brilliant and it is terrible that at this time of year somebody would do this.”

Police have launched an investigation and went to see the school on Friday morning.

Anybody with information is asked to call police on 101.