A GROUP of friends from Barnoldswick have bared all for a charity calendar.

The 11 women, aged 28 to 40, have called themselves the ‘Barlick Bosom Babes’ and have posed for the calendar to raise money for their local cancer support charity, the Barnoldswick and Earby Bosom Friends.

It has been produced in memory of Patricia Cryer, 63, from Barnoldswick, who lost died in November 2010 following a 10-year battle with breast cancer.

Her three daughters, Amanda, Sally and Emily, came up with the idea for the calendar and convinced their friends to take part as well.

They said: “She was an amazingly brave woman and she fought hard to stay with us and underwent rounds of chemo. No matter how ill she felt she always looked fabulous and had a smile on her face.

“All she wanted was to enjoy life and spend as much time as possible with her family and friends, and she carried on doing that right until the end.

“Her courage and strength was incredible. We miss her terribly and that will never leave us, but by producing this calendar with our friends we have a chance to honour her memory and remember how much love and laughter she shared with us all.

“We know she would have joined us in the making of this calendar if she was still here with us, and her presence was definitely felt throughout the day as we took the photos.

“We wanted to create this calendar to give a little back to Bosom Friends for all the emotional support and help they have provided to us.

“All of us included in the making of this calendar have been touched by the effects of cancer in one way or another and many of us are grieving the loss of loved ones.”

The calendar, which costs £5.99, will be launched tomorrow. The girls will be at the B.E. Bosom Friends shop, in Ellis Street, Barnoldswick, between 10.30am and 11.30am.