A MAINTENANCE man received emergency medical care after being splashed in the face with chemicals.

The 45-year-old man was carrying out routine repairs to a piece of machinery at William Blythe’s, in Bridge Street, Church yesterday when the incident happened.

The man, who has worked for the company for around 15 years as a maintenance fitter, was wearing goggles when he was splashed with Potassium Iodate, a caustic alkali.

He was immediately placed in a emergency first aid shower for 30 minutes by the company’s on site safety team.

Firefighters were also called to the scene but were later stood down shortly after 9am.

He was taken to Royal Blackburn Hospital for checks.

Teresa Pepper, director at William Blythe’s, said: “It generated a lot of fuss for something very minor.

“The chemical splashed in his face while he was carrying out routine repairs to a piece of machinery.

“We wanted the employee to get checked out at the hospital. Part of the procedure at the ambulance station is to alert the local fire brigade. They were called but not needed.

“Part of our routine procedure is for anyone who comes into contact with chemicals to have a drench shower on site. We take no risks with chemicals at all.

“He was wearing his full protective suit and goggles, but when you are working with chemicals at pressure you can’t guarantee that it won’t have gone into his eyes.

“He was taken to hospital by ambulance but we don’t expect him to have any lasting effects.”

She said the liquid chemical potassium iodate had a wide range of uses and was contained in the pipes of the machine he was repairing.

A spokesperson from the North West Ambulance Service said, “We received a call 9.03am to attend a 45-year-old man who had a chemical solution in his eyes. The patient had tried to wash out the chemical himself, however as he was still suffering effects a 999 call was made. He was transported to Royal Blackburn Hospital for treatment.”