A 20-YEAR-OLD Accrington woman bit a police officer’s finger after being arrested following an incident at a Blackburn town centre snooker bar.

Blackburn magistrates heard Alex Louise Fraser had been ejected from the club but was not willing to leave the scene because she had lost her mobile phone.

She was arrested for being drunk and disorderly.

Gareth Price, defending, said: “She caught a finger nail on the door and ripped it clean out,” said Mr Prices.

“She was in extreme pain and was shouting to tell the officer what had happened.

“He took that as a sign she was resisting and when he took hold of her she accepts biting his finger.

“It was more to get his attention than to injure him and you have heard the skin wasn’t broken.”

Fraser, of Countess Street, pleaded guilty to police assault and being drunk and disorderly.

She was made subject to an electronically monitored curfew between 9 pm and 7 am for three months and ordered to pay £75 compensation to the police officer and £145 costs.