A MASCOT in the shape of Darwen Tower is set to be unveiled tomorrow.

The Darwen Town Council-funded suit, which cost £1,000 to make, is intended to promote the town and its events.

The suit was made by Frenzy Creative, a mascot suit specialist based in Denton, Manchester.

The idea was first proposed by Sunnyhurst councillor Pete Hollings but had universal backing within the town council chamber.

Coun Hollings said: “The concept of the costume was thought up when figuring out fun ways to promote Darwen events and charities.

“It is hoped that the costume will create a visual and interactive experience for visitors and residents of Darwen.

“And it can help to promote the town and individual charities and org- anisations, as well as creating a great experience for the people who will be wearing it.”

Coun Hollings added that young people from Blackburn and Darwen will be used to man the costume, which will be available for school, sporting and social events.

The town council also plans for the mascot to tour around primary schools in Darwen, with a competition in the New Year for children to come up with a name.

Sudell councillor Roy Davies said that although he didn’t particularly support the idea, he wasn’t completely opposed to it.

He said: “It is more a bit of fun than anything else.

“It isn’t anything I would have thought of but it is one of those things things where you don’t know if it will turn out to be a good idea or a bad idea.

“I can’t say I am over the moon about it but it is a case of Darwen getting its own identity.

“In particular it is giving the younger ones something to identify with.”