A MAN ran into a chemists for help after his throat was slashed in a robbery in Oswaldtwistle.

Detectives have been searching for clues after the 37-year-old was attacked at 10.30am yesterday.

Staff at Cohen’s Chemist, in Union Road, described how he ran into the shop clutching his neck and face.

He told pharmacy staff he had been attacked in the car park at the rear of the chemist after visiting the Lloyds TSB bank.

Colin Helliwell, Cohen’s pharmacy manager, said: “About 10.30am a gentleman came in saying he had been mugged and the attacker had slashed his neck.

“He said he had been in to the bank and mugged on his return to the car, by someone he didn’t see.

“He had his hand to his neck stemming the bleeding. There was blood on his shirt collar and on the floor.

“He let me have a quick look at the wound. It was open, but it wasn’t deep enough to affect any major arteries.

“We then called the police and the ambulance.”

Detectives combed the seen behind the row of shops from the Royal Oak Pub past the chemist after the victim said he was forced to hand over £100 to his attacker before he ran off towards Thomas Street.

One resident said: “How awful, you just don’t expect something like this on your doorstep.

“We have a little bit of bother sometimes come kicking out time at the pub but nothing like this. I really hope the man is OK.”

Another resident said: “I saw the police arrive and putting up police tape. It looked serious.

Police said the attacker made off on foot towards Thomas Street.