RESIDENTS in Darwen are calling for action over a blocked culvert which is causing homes to flood on a regular basis.

The culvert behind Birch Hall Avenue, close to the junction with Ribble Avenue, is covered in leaves, branches and pieces of timber.

Residents living in the houses closest to it have suffered during heavy rain, when the culvert overflows, causing water to flood their homes.

Glenn Evans, 35, said he had been told by the Environment Agency that as it was a ‘secondary waterway’ it was the council’s job to clear the culvert.

He said: “Several neighbours have been flooded two or three times.

“But for years and years, different organisations have just passed the buck.

“I have recently spoken to the Environment Agency who told me it is a secondary waterway and so the council should maintain it.

“For years I have been on to them but they have done nothing.”

Mr Evans said a couple who had lived there for years were moving away because of the problem.

He said: “One elderly couple are actually moving away because they just keep getting flooded.

“The council just doesn’t seem to care.

“It is covered in branches, logs and litter.

“There is an argument that the culvert is simply not big enough now that all the houses have been built, but the council should still clear it.”

Earcroft councillor Trevor Maxfield said: “There has always been a problem with flooding on that part of Birch Hall, near Hyndburn Drive, as it was built in the wrong area.

“I used to live on Ribble Avenue and we had water under our floorboards on a regular basis.

“We just have to deal with it in the best way we can.”