A CASH windfall is set to help secure the future of an animal welfare charity.

Hyndburn Stray Dogs in Need, founded by welfare officer Steve Woods in 1999, is expected to receive £10,000 from the borough council, which will help to fund his full-time post for a further three years.

The charity will be able to continue providing veterinary care, kennels, microchipping and talks to school children about the dangers of stray dogs and good ownership.

Already the charity regularly holds discounted microchipping sessions and training classes to help improve canine obedience.

Steve said the cash would also enable them to continue their work rescuing 150 strays every year from the borough’s streets.

The education programme sector of the scheme will be delivered to all primary and secondary schools in Hyndburn.

It will also be given to any other community groups who request it throughout the year and at community meetings in the borough.

Founder of the charity Steve Wood said: “The money would be a lifeline for the charity. It would mean we can carry on doing what we do - looking after and finding new homes for strays.

“The charity just ticks over. We have to pay for the shop and keep up the maintenance of the website. The rest of the money goes on kennels and vet bills for the animals. Some months, it can cost thousands of pounds and there is never any money left over.

“Everyone at the charity is a volunteer, except my full time post. I never clock off.”

Deputy council leader Munsif Dad said: “They do an extremely good job in the community, raising awareness of to be a responsible dog owner, and teaching the children about animal welfare and the dangers of strays. We want to help them to raise awareness.”

The scheme has been recommended for approval by cabinet members who will make the decision to award the grant at a meeting on Monday, November 19.