DAVID CAMERON was in the Middle East today banging the drum for the BAE Typhoon Eurofighter on which thousands of East Lancashire aerospace jobs depend.

The Prime Minster was with representatives of the company which has major warplane factories at Salmesbury and Warton, where the plan supports 4,000 jobs, and Rolls Royce, which manufactures aeroengines in Barnoldswick.

Yesterday he was in the United Arab Emirates promoting Typhoon and today he moved on to Saudi Arabia to persuade the kingdom the buy more of the fast jet on top of 72 already ordered.

Mr Cameron wants the UAE to buy 60 Typhoons worth £3billion, while Oman are interested in purchasing more than the 12 they are already negotiating for. The Government is aiming to secure sales of 100 aircraft to the region in the coming year.

Martin Wright, chief executive of the North-West Aerospace Alliance said: “Mr Cameron’s trip is good news for thousands of workers in East Lancashire and across the North West.”