A STUDENT has hit out after he received a parking fine for ‘not parking in a marked bay’ when there were no spaces available.

Student John McKenna-Hughes, of Dentdale Street, Accrington, is the latest victim of the car park at the Vue Cinema, in Blackburn.

Seventeen-year-old Mr McKenna-Hughes, who studies at St Mary’s College, Blackburn, said he had gone to watch a film with a group of friends, but found the car park was full. A number of spaces at the car park are currently out of use as a large section has been cordoned off because the surface sank.

He said: “The car park was completely full, so I parked along the side of the cinema, next to the pavem-ent.

“There were no double yellow lines, and no signs saying we couldn’t park there.

“But when we got back to the car, there was a fine on the window.

“There were loads of other cars that had done the same as there were no spaces, but not all of them had got tickets.”

Mr McKenna-Hughes had been fined by car park attendants CMS for ‘not parking in a marked bay’. He has appealed the fine.

He said: “It says on the ticket it is because I have not parked in a bay, but there were none available.

“We parked up about 7pm and left at about 10pm.

“I went with five friends so we probably spent about £100, then to get a £90 fine is ridiculous.

“I rang up Vue Cinemas and they were completely uninterested bec-ause they said the car park was nothing to do with them.”

Nobody at CMS car parking was available for comment. A spokes-man for Vue Cinemas said: “Unfort-unately, Vue Entertainment does not own the car park, and has no responsibility for setting tariffs, or enforcing any restrictions.

“Currently, customers of Vue Blackburn and the bowling alley and gym are allowed to stay in the car park free of charge for up to 4 hours.

“Should there be any develop-ments in relation to parking at Vue Blackburn in the near future, we will, of course, notify and update our customers.”