UNIQUE jewellery stolen by burglars has been discovered by police after a raid on a house.

The seven pieces of gold jewellery including two pairs of ear rings, two bracelets, a necklace, a necklace charm and a brooch were found by officers during a raid on a house in Accrington.

The items, which have not been valued, are believed to have been stolen during a burglary in the Hyndburn area but as yet, police have been unable to identify who they belong to.

The items appear to be high quality gold and several of them are hallmarked. One of the bracelets is engraved.

Police from Accrington’s burglary target team are now appealing for help in identifying jewellery and where it has come from.

Sgt Eric Halford, said: “We believe the items recovered are stolen, because of the circumstances in which they were recovered.

“As yet we have been unable to identify the owner or where the jewellery has come from.

“We would like to return these items to their rightful owner. If anyone has any idea where the items are from or believe they have had them stolen then I urge them to come forward.”

Anyone with information about the jewellery should call Lancashire Police on 101 or Sgt Halford directly on 01254 353968.