IT is an interesting time to be Rory Bremner. As a satirist and commentator, he admits that the current political situation is full of potential material.

“Oh let’s face it, the wheels have come off spectacularly all over the place,” he said.

“Politics is so dysfunctional on so many levels now. It appears as though no-one can control anything any more.”

While that might not be good news for the country, it’s great news for Bremner fans as he prepares to come to the intimate surroundings of the Thwaites Empire Theatre, Ewood, as part of a small regional tour.

“You see these comedians advertising 50-date tours with DVDs at the end of them which are a massive business but that’s not just me,” he said.

“I’m slightly in awe of comedians who can take a show into arenas and pull it off but I like smaller theatres.”

Rory describes his forthcoming appearance as being part of a variety show with comedian Jo Caulfield and jazz musician Ian Shaw also on the bill.

“I basically don’t want to do a full two-hour stage show on my own,” he said, “I’m very happy being part of the bill. Jo is a wonderful comedian and she has come in for Hattie Hayridge who was originally scheduled for the tour but has broken her ankle.

“Ian and I have been friends since university and he’s a marvellous jazz musician.

“As for me I will be doing a mixture of topical stand-up and of course some voices.”

With hugely influential TV shows such as Bremner, Bird and Fortune and various appearances on Radio Four, Rory has, in a way, brought politics to a mass audience, but would he ever consider a career in politics?

“You could say that I kind of have been a politician already,” he said. “Certainly a lot of my career has involved politics in a way.

“But no, there’s no way I’d be a politician. You have to be so thick skinned.

“And being a politician requires this uneasy combination of having an opinion on everything and being ready to debate with anybody and yet at the same time having to toe the party line.

“It’s just not for me.”

*Rory Bremner, Thwaites Empire Theatre, Ewood, Tuesday, May 22. Details from the box office on 01254 685500. He is also at Bolton Albert Halls on Thursday, May 17. Details from 01204 334400.