DIANA Vickers has said none of her tracks leaked on the internet will make her new LP.

Some of the Huncoat singer-songwriters new songs found their way online recently and it was originally thought they would be part of her second album which she is currently working on.

However the former Westholme pupil has assured fans on Twitter that the upcoming LP will be made up entirely of brand new tracks.

She said: "Getting tweets about some songs being online. No worries as these ones aren't going to be on the second album. So no suprises ruined!"

The 21-year-old added: "I guess you can enjoy them anyway."

The leaks first occured earlier this year when in July 2012 a new song from her second album recordings, ‘Colours’, could be found online.

The song, believed to have been written by Vickers, Steve Lee and Tim Lewis, was thought by many to be part of her second album, the follow up to 2010s the Tainted Cherry Tree.

Colours was the first of a series of leaks, with several tracks appearing online. Songs including 'Bright Eyes' and 'Low' have also leaked in recent months.

Vickers parted ways with record label RCA last year and recently said of her new material: "It's between Kylie and Madonna, but their early days.

"They've been my inspiration. Pop's the way forward, so I'm going to keep it very pop.”