IT’S something every tribute band dreads. The band you have based your entire career on goes and does something completely different.

But for the Clone Roses, the fact that the original Stone Roses got back together again for a series of dates after 17 years this summer has proved to be a real bonus.

“It’s given us a totally new lease of life,” said Gavin Scott.

“We have always prided ourselves on our authenticity and for 15 years we’ve been playing the ‘classic’ Stone Roses show.

“But the dates this summer meant we had to look at everything we did. It’s given us the chance to age and hopefully will give our band a lot more longevity.”

Fans will get the chance to experience the totally new Clone Roses when they visit King George’s Hall, Blackburn, next Saturday.

“We have based the show on the homecoming shows the Roses did in Heaton Park this summer,” said Gavin.

“We’ve sourced the same outfits they wore for the tour, we play the same instruments. The only thing you won’t get are the fireworks.”

The members of the Clone Roses have always been fans of the band.

“We went to Heaton Park as fans but also as people who for the last 15 years have played those songs,” said Gavin.

“We all came away thinking ‘we’ve got a lot of work to do now’. A lot of the songs they played differently and we’ve had to adapt. We’ve actually had to rehearse for our new shows, something we didn’t need to do before as we knew the set so well.”

  • The Clone Roses, King George’s Hall, Blackburn, Saturday, November 10. Details from 0844 847 166.