Terry Christian's seeing the funny side

5:09pm Friday 8th February 2013

By John Anson

HE’S an award-winning radio show presenter, been host of one of TV’s most controversial programmes, was runner-up on Celebrity Big Brother and now Terry Christian is entering the world of stand-up comedy.

The self-confessed ‘gobby Manc’ brings his show Naked Confessions of a Recovering Catholic to two East Lancashire venues next week — Burnley Mechanics on Friday and the Thwaites Empire Theatre, Blackburn, on Saturday.

“I suppose I have a reputation for being a bit edgy,” said Terry. “But a friend of mine, Johnny J, said to me ‘when was the last time that you really did anything when you really put your neck on the line?’ “I thought about it and realised that he was right so when a venue in Chester asked me to do a night I thought I’d try and do it in stand-up style. I’ve done the one-man show, talking about my career, but this is something totally different.”

Terry admits that he was so drunk come the night he can’t really remember what he did but that he talked for 90 minutes. That show sowed the seeds for this current dates.

“That was last April and I realised that if I wanted to do this I had to work on an act that I was happy with and which worked,” he said.

“I then started going to a comedy club and doing 10 minute slots to test things out. There were nights when I died but I learned from that.

“Since then it has gone so well and I’ve now got a show I’m happy with and which, touch wood, hasn’t bombed yet.

“A lot of it is about growing up working class and how you are perceived. It is a stand-up show but I do come back at the end for a question and answer session and people can ask me anything they like.”

Terry grew up in South Manchester, close to Manchester United’s Old Trafford ground.

He got a scholarship to St Bede’s College — “the Manchester Grammar for Catholics” — and began a career in local radio. He was at the forefront of the Manchester music scene which produced the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays and has won two Sony Awards for his radio shows.

Terry has never been afraid to take a risk but is quick to point out his career path has been more by chance than design.

“People find it hard to believe but I have always been really shy,” he said. “But I have always had this thing about authority. I always like too challenge things. I was a quiet lad but I always had my back to the wall, and even at aschool I always felt I had to justify myself “As far as my career goes, things have just happened. There has never been any great plan.

“Jonny J made me come to my senses and realise that I was just cruising along. Now I just want to get out there.”

Terry Christian, Burnley Mechanics, Friday, February 15 (details 01282 664400) and Thwaites Empire Theatre, Blackburn, Saturday, February 16 (box office 01254 685500)


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