IF you can take the things that happen in everyday life and turn them around into something funny, then you’re on to a winner in the world of comedy.

That’s what comedian Justin Moorhouse manages to do on his latest tour, Justin Time.

He is one of Lancashire’s household names and, with his northern wit and sense of humour, you are guaranteed to laugh out loud.

But, according to Justin, his reputation wasn’t enhanced the last time he visited East Lancashire.

“Burnley is all right,” he said. “I haven’t done it for a while but the last time I was there I had a joke with a woman in the audience — who was rather large in size. I didn’t direct the jibe particularly at her but she got up and walked out.

"My mate is a Burnley fan and he goes on all of these forums and I believe that I was a target for months after — for upsetting Burney folk. But I wasn’t being rude about the town itself,” said Justin who kicks off his 35 day tour on February 1.

“Hopefully this time I will be safer talking about the things that I like. And, to be honest, I can’t go wrong because it’s always good to name your tour after yourself. That way you can talk about anything and everything and things that I think are funny.”

When he isn’t on TV, stage or the radio, Justin is busy being a dad to his two children.

“My kids are always a good talking point as well. I like to mention my seven-year-old daughter. She is my favourite of the two.

“This is because she still thinks that daddy is amazing and she is, to be fair, a bit of a daddy’s girl. But as for my son, I tried to kick him out recently, when he turned 16 but he was having none of it when I packed his bags. I am very mean about my children on stage and I often call them the mood-Hoovers . . . you may know why.”

Justin’s talent has just seen him nominated for Best Actor in this year's Manchester Theatre Awards.

He is also busy presenting his radio show on Key 103 and regularly presents on BBC Radio Manchester and 5Live.

The Manchester-born comic also has a successful TV career, most memorably playing Young Kenny in the award-winning Phoenix Nights.

He has also starred on Michael McIntyre's Comedy Roadshow and 8 Out of 10 Cats.

Justin, who was 29 when he first got into comedy, added: “Stand-up has to be my favourite job, I am not trying to change the world, I just want to make people laugh.”

  • Justin Moorhouse, Burnley Mechanics, Saturday, February 9, details from 01282 664400.