THE nativity kids of Blackburn Arts Club are ready for a school trip with a difference.

After the award-winning success of the Flint Street Nativity, staged by the club in 2010 amid heavy snow and thick ice, the cast has reassembled to produce the Tim Firth comedy once more.

Director Alison Bell, who picked up the NODA North West award for best artistic direction of a play, is taking the show on the road, with performances at St Mary’s Centre, Clitheroe, and Samlesbury War Memorial Hall, as well as a week’s run at the Gibraltar Street Arts Club.

Alison said: “Unfortunately when we produced Flint Street in 2010, a thick blanket of snow meant many people who had booked tickets simply couldn't even get out of their houses to come to the theatre.

“We actually did an extra two nights the following week to give people another chance, but the snow was still just as bad.

“Those people who did manage to brave the snow and ice thoroughly enjoyed the play, and many people messaged us saying how disappointed they had been to miss it.”

The club was approached by Child Action North West to present a fundraising performance, on Sunday, December 16 at St Mary’s Centre, at 2pm and 7.30pm, and arranged to visit the memorial hall on December 14.

Alison added: “We had a dilemma; we were going to rehearse a big show to take on tour – but should we do it again at the Arts Club so soon after the last time? Because of the weather, and because it won the NODA award, we decided to give it another go and just hope for kinder weather.

“I’ve built a very different set this time, though the script is as funny and touching as ever. We're very excited to be taking it ‘on tour’ and we’re trying to take the whole set with us, lock, stock and playground equipment.”

  • Flint Street Nativity, Blackburn Arts Club, Gibraltar Street, December 4 to 8.