WITH their distinctive harmonies, catchy choruses and feelgood shows, The Proclaimers have built up a reputation around the world as a great live band.

Songs such as 500 Miles and Letter From America have seen them become festival favourites on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Proclaimers are set to play King George’s Hall on Saturday, December 8, at the end of a year which has seen them performing all over Europe and even as the special guests at the Singapore Grand Prix.

“Since we got back together in 2001 we have been on the road constantly,” said Charlie.

“Over the last decade I’d say we’ve worked as hard as any band out there - and we’ve enjoyed every minute of it.”

The Proclaimers first burst on to the scene in 1986 supporting the Housemartins on a UK tour and then a live appearance on cult music show The Tube they year after propelled them to chart success.

After taking a break in 1994, Charlie and identical twin Craig got back together in 2001. They have released nine albums, including their latest this year, Like Comedy.

“When you’re in each others company as much as we are you have to get on,” said Charlie. “You couldn’t do it if you didn’t.

“Having said that we are not in each other’s pockets all the time. When we’re not on the road we do go our separate ways. But on tour we have a joint purpose, we are very serious about what we do.

“We have always wanted to be musicians. That’s a lifetime commitment.”

The Proclaimers are one of those bands who take an audience by surprise with the number of songs they know.

“I think with everyone in the public eye, the public has a certain perception of them” said Charlie. “We tend not to worry too much about that. We just like to get people along to the shows and then see them change their minds about us.”

With nine albums’ worth of meterial to go at, the live show offer plenty of variety.

“We don’t play the same show two nights running,” said Charlie. “That’s partly for our own benefit to keep this fresh. There are some songs which we have to play which the fans expect but we don’t get too hung up about it.”

  • The Proclaimers, King George’s Hall, Blackburn, Saturday, December 8. Details from 0844 847 1664.