A GUESSING game is promised as Stage Two, Downham, presents Strictly Murder.

The Brian Clemens play is set in Provence, France, before the Second World War, as a young couple make ends meet - while receiving regular visits from a disturbing man, who always carries a rifle.

A spokesman for Stage Two said: “Along comes an English gentleman in a smart business suit, and before long, we’re on to the first murder and the mystery of this nice young man.

“Almost every one of the characters is not who they first appear to be and the most interesting and fun aspect of the show is the guessing game – who are they really; what secrets are they hiding; and why?

“There are clues – mostly misleading – and several twists and turns, with the background of the impending war adding to the atmosphere.

“This is a very well-crafted thriller with an experienced cast, which includes Kim Croydon, Steve Cooke, Andrea Cawley, Bob Cleeve and Jean Croft.”

  • Strictly Murder, Stage Two, Downham village hall, tomorrow until Saturday, with tickets available from Clitheroe Tourist Information Centre on 01200 425566 or Fran Osborne on 01200 423301.