RODGERS and Hammerstein’s own favourite musical will be staged by Burnley St Cuthbert’s AOS next week.

Richard Parish plays Billy Bigelow in Carousel, named Time magazine’s greatest musical of the 20th Century, with Nicola Barrett as the innocent mill girl Julie Jordan who falls for him.

Billy loses his job just as he learns Julie is pregnant and desperately intent on providing a decent life for his family he is coerced into being an accomplice in a robbery. But he is caught in the act, and facing the certainty of prison he takes his own life and is sent to heaven. Years later he returns to help the daughter Louise he never knew.

The show runs at St Cuthbert’s Community Hall, Sharp Street, Burnley, from Monday to Saturday, November 10, 7.15pm. Call Alan Woodworth on 01282 457766 to book tickets.