Here is an undulating stroll through beautiful and historic countryside and tracking alongside a literally bubbling brook.

Until the boundary change of 1974 the Slaidburn area was in Yorkshire but Lancashire has welcomed it with open arms.

Since Norman times Slaidburn has been regarded as the focal point of Bowland and the Hark to Bounty pub held the court in a room upstairs. This courtroom is still there and puts a whole new meaning to the phrase called to the bar.

Look out for the Heritage cafe, the old school which dates to 1717 and also the Norman church.

1. There is a minor road alongside the Hark to Bounty. Pass the pub on the right and on the ascent just after the health centre look out for an obvious path to the right.

This leads into a splendid little woodland close to the rippling waters of Croasdale Brook. At the end of the belt of trees is a stile.

2. Follow the brook for a short distance and then ascend to the left to reach another stile in a field with a surrounding hedge.

After a wall stile, pass over a slab bridge crossing a small stream and bear right towards Myttons Farm Crafts.

Cross the driveway of Wood House.

3. Bear right and cross over to reach a corner stile and then across another little bridge to reach the now-derelict area of Bridge End, which would once have been an impressive settlement.

There are panoramic views ahead to Croasdale Fell, which is the main catchment area for the brook.

At the end of a field and then to the right cross a contoured field close to Simfield House.

Negotiate a hurdle stile. Cross a small footbridge leading into a woodland area and a kissing gate.

4. On reaching a wooden footbridge passing over the main Croasdale Brook turn right.

For the remainder of this walk the watercourse remains on the right but is now flowing downstream back towards Slaidburn.

Take time here to explore a weir and a small but very attractive waterfall.

5.Continue downstream to reach the area of Shay House Farm.

On reaching the drive to this property do not enter but look for a stile opposite. Cross this and continue to follow the line of the brook.

At this point the route bears away to the left of the meander of the brook and at a wall negotiate a ladder stile.

Ease gently towards the brook and find a wall stile in the corner.

Then negotiate a series of easy-to-follow stiles and follow an undulating track with super views behind, revealing the glory of the Croasdale uplands.

Approach a line of trees and to the left look for an obvious corner stile.

Pass through this and descend into Slaidburn, reaching a bridge over Croasdale beck.

Turn right to reach the starting point.

Distance: Four Miles.

How To Get There: From Clitheroe follow the narrow twisting B6478 through the attractive village of Newton to Slaidburn, there is plenty of parking in the village.