Along the Roman Road at Blackstone Edge Last week I was strolling around Ribchester and started to think about Roman roads.

This reminded me that in my diary way back in July I made a note to explore an old Roman road once the vegetation had died down and it could be easily seen.

Warning: This walk can be steep and slippery especially in winter. As this walk is done to look at the Roman Road, do take care and wear good shoes and warm clothes.

From the car park take the signed pathway through a large wooded area.

The woodland leads out into an open stretch of countryside from which a well-marked track leads steeply uphill towards Blackstone Edge. The Romans had to cross this peak (1,300 feet above sea level) and their straight line route can easily be seen, especially in winter. Pass a golf course on the right.

At Lydgate you approach a minor road but be sure to bear right away from this and follow the well signed way marked track of the ancient road. Continue the very steep climb to reach a stile.

Over this stile you come to a small layby and take time to catch your breath and to enjoy the panoramic views. Prepare yourself for the last steep ascent on this walk which is just about half a mile. You are now on part of the Pennine Way and approach the White House pub. At one time this was a coaching Inn where horses and passengers could enjoy a well earned rest and take refreshment.

From the car park begin the steep ascent. Cross the A58 and approach a minor road which was part of the old Turnpike route. Keep this old road on the left and follow the Pennine Bridleway sign.

At Lydgate cross the old road and follw the steep descent along the obvious Station Walk and back to the visitors centre and the Hollingworth Lake car park.