THE owner of a Darwen pet store got a surprise visit from TV’s Keith Lemon.

Claire Hoole and her boyfriend Tim Barlow, of Claire’s Creatures, Cemetery Road, appeared on Saturday’s Keith Lemon’s LemonAid.

The show is an off-the-wall version of Jim’ll Fix It, and Mr Barlow had asked for a day of pampering for Miss Hoole.

The pair were whisked away for the day, while Keith Lemon called in Irish pop duo Jedward to look after the shop.

Miss Hoole said: “We had a really good day. We were with Keith from 8.30am and we got home about 9pm.

“He is exactly the same away from camera as he is on it. We laughed so much our faces hurt by the time we got home.

“They didn’t tell us Jedward were looking after the shop until halfway through the day and we were a bit worried!”