The Quarter Finals
Movie week and with only two weeks left before we return to the mecca for Ballroom Dance-the Tower Ballroom Blackpool for the final which is a first on two, firstly it is the first time a BBC Strictly programme will be recorded in 3D and it is 20 years since a final of the original series was filmed there, the only reason I remember this was because it was the last time I competed in the Tower Ballroom.

Robbie and Ola:Quickstep When I first saw these two stepping out on to the floor I thought Ola had made a terrible mistake not wearing a dress to help cover up bad footwork and leg lines, but I was pleasantly surprised, Robbie danced some very good scatter chasse, pendulum swings and running trots, there were still a couple of footwork issues and several places where he needed to straighten his leg on his rises, but overall an improved ability.

Harry and Aliona: Rumba One of the hardest of the dances to perform for a male celebrity and Harry upper body was great with superb arm lines with full body control however he was quite stompy in places with his feet and for me his hip action was forced rather than being a natural hip action, but a very good attempt and nothing to be ashamed of.

Alex and James: American Smooth (Foxtrot) Alex looked a million dollars and dancing to pretty woman was so apt, unfortunately though I thought the choreography was quite insipid and the music was a heavy march and more Tango than soft flowing Foxtrot, the lifts were beautifully performed and effortless looking and she is gaining more strength and poise week after week.

Holly and Artem: Paso Doblé Holly has beautiful arm lines and shaping with strong well defined Flamenco Taps and an amazing well performed routine but from a technical content point of view there was only one Paso step pattern that was not danced well at all, but as a show routine it was a show stopper and again cleverly choreographed for Holly’s style.

Jason and Kristina: American Smooth (Foxtrot) I loved the opening and storyline they created to Singing in the Rain, Jason had some really well placed step patterns and showed great control on all the lifts with good clean transitions between the steps, if anything his right shoulder was a bit too high on his turns whilst in closed hold but another great performance.

Chelsee and Pasha: Jive Fab-u-lous a real red-hot roaring Jive with amazing true choreography and content beautifully performed with the correct amount of intent, meaning and professionalism, again Chelsee has raised the bar another level and on content alone the best dance of the evening.

Sundays result show.

A cheeky little Charleston opening and a beautiful elegant Ballroom segway from our professionals, Jason & Kristina and Robbie & Ola in the bottom two this week, but we will see Jason & Kristina dance again in the semi finals next week where our celebrities will face a double elimination.

Robbie your journey has had highs and lows and even though you are not an expert at heels and toes you leave strictly as a dancer and I hope you continue.